In Secondary Care.

FeNO testing without the expensive running costs or contractual obligations.

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FeNO testing that costs just £3.50 per patient, not per test.

FeNO testing has notoriously been an expensive test to perform… Until now.

With the Bedfont® NObreath® FeNO monitor, your departments budget can stretch even further costing just £3.50 per patient and not per test.

NObreath® uses single patient mouthpieces that can be used multiple times, without expending mouthpieces unnecessarily in order to achieve a good quality test.

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How much can your department save in one year?

Compare the running costs of your current device against NObreath® to find out how much your department can save annually on FeNO testing.
NObreath FeNO monitor has no test limits on the device

Perform test after test. Without limitations.

The Bedfont® NObreath® imposes no limit on how many tests you can perform and needn’t be replaced after so many uses. The sensor life is specified to operate for 5 years subject to correct use, regular maintenance, and servicing.

Proven technology.
For over 10 years.

The monitor uses an electrochemical sensor and its accuracy is validated against chemiluminescence (1). The technology has been subject to many studies and case study write ups. The NObreath was also used recently in a NICE feasibility study for the revision of the latest Asthma guidelines.
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Single patient, multi-use mouthpieces

The patient can be tested multiple times using the same mouthpiece. It contains a one-way valve and a viral bacterial filter to reduce the risk of cross-infection between patients.

Made with an anti-microbial body

NObreath is made with SteriTouch® – An anti-microbial additive in the exterior plastic casing of the device that kills bacteria on contact reducing the risk of cross-infection.